5 billion baht loss as birds’ nest producing swiftlets discovered dead

Phatthalung authorities have requested help from the Department of Special Investigation to investigate the death of birds. These have been no strange birds although; they have been swiftlets, the birds that produce the saliva that make birds’ nest, prized as a well being delicacy. And it wasn’t a few birds, it was over one million birds discovered lifeless in caves the place Siamnest company has the authority to collect their birds’ nest.
And โซล่าเซลล์คุณภาพดี of these birds and the birds’ nests they produce has been estimated at about 5 billion baht.
The company has permission to access 107 caves in Phatthalung’s seven islands they usually sent their assortment teams to collect the birds’ nest between September 9 to September 17. When they arrived to the final cave, they found the remains of more than 1 million birds as a substitute of the nests they have been tasked with collecting.
The staff discovered the stays of a fireplace and various trash strewn about including sneakers and plastic bottles. After Siamnest involved the Phatthalung authorities, the Royal Thai Police joined the investigation of the mass death of the swiftlet birds.
Unlike most birds that make nests out of twigs or related supplies, swiftlets make theirs fully out of their distinctive saliva which solidifies to kind the nest. These saliva nests are considered a delicacy, particularly in Asian areas, for it’s believed therapeutic powers. Birds’ nest soup is often made by steaming and soaking the saliva nests.
The nests are stated to assist with kidney well being, phlegm discount and are desired as an aphrodisiac as well. Harvesting firms have turn into big companies as a result of excessive price the distinctive birds’ nest can fetch, with companies like Siamnest getting unique access to areas the swiftlets nest and even creating synthetic sanctuaries for swiftlets to nest.
Of notice, disgraced police officer Pol Col Thitisan “Jo Ferrari” Utthanaphon, whose shocking wealth was revealed upon his arrest for suffocating a suspect in custody, was mentioned to have made part of his fortune by buying and selling birds’ nest..

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