Anwar’s go to to Thailand brings ‘Deep South’ to top of agenda

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is due in Bangkok today to satisfy Thai PM Prayuth Chan-o-cha. Anwar’s visit to Thailand brings points in the “Deep South” to the highest of the diplomatic agenda.
The provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, and elements of Songkhla are an important crossroads for commerce between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.
Controversial for high-speed trains from its Yunnan province to Singapore must cross via the “Deep South.”
The space was annexed by Buddhist-majority Thailand over a century ago and has been ruled under martial legislation since 2004. According to Aljazeera, there are widespread allegations of rights abuses in addition to the oppression of Malay culture.
More than 7,000 individuals have died in that time. Most were civilians caught in security operations in addition to assaults by separatist groups, who transfer freely across the porous border to Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur has mediated several rounds of peace talks between Bangkok and some insurgent factions, however the talks have made little impact.
Mara, an umbrella organisation which began peace talks a quantity of years in the past, was shunted aside as the government sought to interact the Barisan Revolusi Nasional which is believed to have greater command and control of rebel cells on the bottom. Thailand’s unofficial back-channel discussions outside the official peace negotiations have deepened mistrust.
At Basic throughout Anwar’s visit to Thailand is a fertile, lush area house to plantations of durian, palm oil, and rubber, in addition to a key node in plans to connect ASEAN by rail and roads.
Last February, Anwar’s predecessor Ismail Sabri Yaakob agreed to carry out a feasibility research for a high-speed rail route between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Anwar’s visit to Thailand is an indication that the key to any vital development is maintaining the peace.
The existing line is sporadically hit by bomb blasts. In December three railway staff have been killed in Sadao, Thailand, just 23 kilometres from the Malaysia border.
Despite the violence, Sungai Kolok in Thailand’s Narathiwat province has remained well-liked with Malaysian day trippers, lured by food and leisure – together with late night karaoke bars populated by sex staff from Thailand, and Laos..

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