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An Indonesian man’s short-sighted demand for intercourse might have value him his ability to ever have intercourse again. On Saturday the man’s girlfriend allegedly cut off his penis in a fit of rage after he insisted on intercourse.
The woman was apparently aggravated at her boyfriend earlier, so turned him down for intercourse. He endured and threatened to release a intercourse video he had made of the couple if she didn’t put out. She responded by preventing again and severing his penis.
The incident happened on Saturday evening at a hotel in Sibolga, North Sumatra. According to Snap , the 28 yr old victim had asked his girlfriend of seven months for sex, but she refused.
“The sufferer asked the suspect to have sex. But the suspect refused as a end result of she was offended by what the sufferer had stated earlier. The suspect assaulted the victim as a outcome of the sufferer threatened the suspect that he would spread their intercourse tape.”
Easy took a violent flip when he threatened to spread their sex tape and in response, she grabbed a knife and cut off his penis.
The boyfriend was rushed to a nearby hospital and is currently in intensive care after shedding lots of blood. It is unclear whether or not his penis can be reattached or if the man can ever have intercourse again…
Police in the meantime confirmed that the girlfriend has been arrested, but authorities have not but revealed whether or not she goes to face felony expenses, or what charges she’s going to face..

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