Blood and organ harvesting claims by Thai girl in Cambodia were faux

“A Thai woman alleges organ harvesters in Cambodia drew her blood and had been about to cut her open when she was rescued.”

Except it didn’t happen. The girl fabricated the entire story. yesterday reported that the Thai girl, who had claimed to have been the sufferer of ‘organ harvesting’ in Sihanoukville, Cambodia had confessed to inventing the entire incident. She told investigating police that she was afraid no one would help her return to Thailand. The investigation, and eventual debunking, of the woman’s claims was coated extensively by the Khmer Times.
The Thai lady had claimed that she was initially employed by a Chinese gang in Cambodia to work in telesales for unlawful playing. When ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ใกล้ฉัน arrived within the country and was informed to work for the centre, she refused. She says she was then assaulted, detained, and left to starve before being lured into having her organs harvested on the market

At the time she told Thailand’s Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, Surachate Hakparn, informed Thai media that she was first lured into Cambodia to work illegally for a Chinese-operated name centre after which lured to a place near the Cambodian/Vietnamese border (some Thai media reported the seaside gambling haven of Sihanoukville).
The woman informed police that she managed to flee and employed a car to get to a city on the border of Thailand and Cambodia. On the best way there, the vehicle stopped to stay at a resort overnight. She says after that, she awakened back in the metropolis she had escaped from. At one point, she was able to contact another Thai woman, asking for help.
Police finally exposed the gaps in her story and have been capable of obtain a full confession that the ladies had made the entire tale up. She informed police that she was taken to a hospital for treatment until she regained strength. Except she wasn’t… there was no report of her admittance to the hospital.
The Khmer Times wrote…

“In this case, the reality was nothing however mischievous try and get fame, and sympathy and on the same time, attempt to keep away from punishment for having crossed the border illegally.”

But the whole “organ harvesting” story had been used before…

“This is similar to the case of a Chinese man who claimed to have been crushed, offered and had his blood harvested when he couldn’t pay his debt of convey brought to Cambodia and thus fabricated a story to sensationalise his lie and bring disrepute and shame to Cambodia.”

As reported in The Thaiger and different media mon March 10, 2022…

“The girl was certainly one of a gaggle of eight Thais who had been rescued after getting lured into work in Cambodia. The victims arrived back in Thailand yesterday on the Thailand – Cambodia Friendship Bridge in Sa Kaeo. Surachate Hakparn says the Royal Thai Police will now focus on with Royal Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh and the security department in Cambodia about human trafficking. It’s estimated that round three,000 Thais are working illegally in Cambodia and police will work on sending them again to Thailand.”

Many migrant employees, principally Thais, are working in the border casinos, many illegal and underground in addition to the net gaming versions. Lured by promises of high income, they typically cross the Thai/Cambodian border illegally and end up working for scams and illegal activities, many usually working figuring out of the illicit nature of their work..

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