Drug trafficking in Thailand spikes following Myanmar coup, volunteers hold shut eye on border

Thailand has confronted a spike in methamphetamine trafficking throughout the Mekong River following the military coup in neighbouring Myanmar. Local volunteers alongside the river at the moment are helping out to determine potential drug smugglers disguised as fishermen.
The volunteers tip off police after they see suspicious exercise since they can’t make arrests and confronting a drug trafficker could presumably be dangerous.
One volunteer says he tipped off police about suspected drug traffickers carrying packages from their boats and hidding the drugs within the grass alongside the riverbank. He says the suspects have been later arrested with 5 million methamphetamine tablets known as “yaba,” meaning “crazy drug.”
The Golden Triangle, the place Laos, Thailand and Myanmar meet, has been notorious for drug smuggling for many years. For many rebel and militant teams in Myanmar border towns near Thailand and Laos, synthetic drug production is a main source of revenue.
Under the table in Myanmar are probably utilizing the military takeover to their advantage to strengthen their positions and improve artificial drug manufacturing, in accordance with Jeremy Douglas from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. He says “the pieces are in place to scale up” the drug commerce.
Even though border patrol has tightened along the Thai-Myanmar border, drug traffickers are utilizing a route through Laos, crossing the Mekong River to smuggle the medicine to Thailand. With the uptick in provide, the price of methamphetamine has dropped to a low of 50 baht (around $1.60 USD)..

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