Is Leo Prinsloo the bravest person you know?

There’s one thing about those white South African guys that appears to make them much thicker-skinned than the rest of us. Perhaps it’s the fact that they reside in a way more violent nation than most, with South Africa’s crime price being one of many highest in the world. Or perhaps it’s because so many of them seem to work as mercenaries across the continent, taking up dangerous and high-stakes jobs that would make most individuals quiver of their shiny Timberlands!
It’s known that a lot of the white-dominated armed forces of South Africa had been left with little to do after the collapse of Apartheid, which resulted in a huge increase in private navy recruitment. Given the quantity of wars occurring throughout Africa within the 90’s, there was an actual need for such highly educated army personnel, with companies like Executive Outcomes forming to produce the manpower.
Whatever the reason, these guys are identified for his or her toughness and resilience, and one such particular person who lately gained international attention is Leo Prinsloo. His popularity proceeds him. If you’ve been asked to personally shield King Charles III, the Kardashians, and Nelson Mandela, you’re clearly no shrinking violet.
Prinsloo is a former member of the South African Police Service’s elite Special Task Force, a unit that offers with high-risk operations corresponding to hostage situations, counter-terrorism, and violent crime. The 52-year-old can be a tactical firearms instructor and the founder of the Edge Shooting Academy, which trains individuals in superior capturing methods. But it’s not his spectacular resume that has folks talking – it’s his unimaginable display of bravery and skill during an tried heist that has earned him the title of “badass MF”!
On April 22, 2021, Prinsloo was driving an armoured cash-in-transit Toyota Land Cruiser in Pretoria, South Africa, when he and his associate, Lloyd Mtombeni, were ambushed by a bunch of armed criminals. The attackers opened fireplace on the automobile, attempting to force Prinsloo and Mtombeni to cease and hand over the mere US$100,000 price of mobile phones they had been transporting. But Prinsloo had different plans.
As the AK47 bullets popped, Prinsloo remained calm and collected (despite his coronary heart probably beating at 200 bps!), expertly manoeuvring the armoured car to evade the attackers. He can be heard in the dashcam footage telling his companion to “phone Robbie, telephone Josh” – presumably to name for backup – whereas continuing to drive and evade the criminals. At one level, Prinsloo even manages to ram one of the attacker’s automobiles off the highway whereas sustaining his composure and focus.
Eventually, the attackers realized they had been no match for Prinsloo’s talent and determination and determined to flee the scene. Thanks to Prinsloo’s quick pondering and bravery, he and his partner had been able to escape unhurt, and the cache of telephones they had been transporting remained secure.

Once the dashcam footage of the tried heist went viral (more than 60 million views throughout a couple of videos), folks worldwide had been fast to reward Prinsloo for his incredible show of courage and talent. Many have referred to as him a hero, while others have dubbed him a “badass MF” – a well-deserved title, contemplating the damaging scenario he faced and the calm, collected manner by which he dealt with it.
Prinsloo’s actions have also shone a light-weight on the risks faced by these working in the cash-in-transit industry in South Africa. According to the Institute for Security Studies, cash-in-transit heists have been on the rise in recent years, with criminals becoming more and more brazen and violent of their makes an attempt to steal large sums of cash. That, alongside their capability to bribe the safety forces and local police. Prinsloo’s heroics serve as a reminder of the bravery and talent required by those that work in this high-risk field, and the significance of proper training and preparedness in the face of hazard.
Of course, the keyboard warriors (likely the identical ones that may cry for pointing out Prinsloo’s race) were fast to place down Prinsloo’s associate, Lloyd Mtombeni – as if they’d have reacted better in such a scenario. Mtombeni may be seen in a state of shock when it all kicks off, however he doesn’t panic and seems to stay extremely calm, the exact behaviour required by Prinsloo, with whom Lloyd’s life was firmly within the arms of. How would you have reacted listening to the pops of AK47 bullets going off round you and you’re the target?
Prinsloo’s unbelievable display of braveness, talent, and composure in the course of the tried heist is a testomony to his training and expertise as an elite Special Task Force member and a tactical firearms teacher. Elements function a robust reminder of the significance of remaining calm and focused in high-pressure conditions, and the value of correct training and preparedness.
For these of us who may not face life-threatening situations ever in our lives, there are still valuable classes to be realized from Prinsloo’s actions. His capacity to stay calm underneath pressure, assume shortly, and make decisive actions within the face of danger are qualities that might be applied to various elements of our lives, whether it’s coping with a difficult work state of affairs or navigating a private disaster. And, if you assume you’ve had a foul day, just bear in mind how a lot worse April 22, 2021, was for Prinsloo and Lloyd.
Let’s not forget to mention the car/weapon that significantly contributed to the pair’s survival. That armoured Toyota Land Cruiser survived a dozen or so shots from close vary, to not point out the other autos ramming it. So the next time you’re on a street journey via Afghanistan or Iraq, you realize what automobile to rent!

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