Krabi rescue volunteer catches giant king cobra with bare palms

A volunteer from the Ao Nang rescue group in southern Thai province of Krabi caught a large king cobra with his bare palms. The four.5 metre, 10 kilogram snake was reported by the residents after it slithered into a palm plantation. The giant cobra tried to hide in a septic tank near locals’ houses.
It took 40 year previous volunteer, Sutee Naewhaad, over 20 minutes to catch the snake and put it right into a bag. He tried exhausting to catch the snake on its neck. He was able to get the snake onto the street and finally grabbed its neck. The snake catcher shared with Thai media that this king cobra might have been in search of its mate because one other cobra had lately been killed by locals. He says that his snake-catching expertise came from the training, including that the work is “dangerous and no one should try to catch a snake without a professional”.
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