Mexican lady jailed for killing rapist sparks nationwide protests

Outcry in Mexico as girl jailed for self-defence killing – Protests are erupting throughout Mexico after 21 yr outdated Roxana Santiago was sentenced to six years and two months in prison for killing a man who had raped her. People are rallying for justice, believing the young woman acted in self-defence during a horrific attack.
“Defending my life just isn’t a crime” read posters in support of Santiago, who was jailed for killing her attacker in self-defence.
The incident occurred in Nezahualcoyotl, certainly one of Mexico’s most dangerous areas for ladies, the place Roxana had lately moved to promote potatoes on the street and support her 4 year old son. One night while walking house, a homeless man approached her asking for a place to stay as a outcome of his residence was too far away. Despite her kindness in agreeing to help, the man sexually assaulted and bodily attacked her.
In a determined attempt to escape the scenario, she fought again by punching her attacker in the face and strangling him together with her own T-shirt. After he died, she put his body in a bag and left it on a road corner in Benito Juárez’s neighbourhood. Following her conviction,
Roxana stated…
“I feel unhappy, disappointed in justice. If I had not defended myself, I could be dead.” Nos Queremos Vivas, a Mexican organisation campaigning against male violence, denounced the ruling, saying, “Women should not be imprisoned for defending a life that the state does not shield.”
In Best to the public, Roxana expressed her concern, shame, and ache, stating…
“I didn’t want him to harm anyone once more. I didn’t know what to do. I was very scared. He made me very offended. He destroyed my dignity. I felt humiliated and damage. I felt empty.”
She added that she knew she would face criticism for defending her body and punishing the man who harmed her, stating…
“I told them I killed him, but he raped me and I simply wanted to protect myself.”
She additionally claimed that the police officers verbally mistreated her and that she was by no means examined by an skilled to prove the rape..

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