Monkey kills owner with coconut

NAKHON SRI THAMMARAT: A coconut collector in Nop Phitam District was killed after his favorite monkey dropped a coconut onto his head on February 25.Leurit Chanchum, forty eight, from Village four Tambon Krung Ching, was hired by a neighbor to gather coconuts using his educated macaque. When the monkey was up the tree, it threw down some coconuts to its owner. One of the heavy nuts hit Mr Leurit sq. on the top, knocking him unconscious.A neighbor took him to Tha Sala Hospital, however he by no means regained consciousness and later died from his injury. Expert ’s brother-in-law, 54-year-old Charoon Kaowmee, said the monkey that threw the lethal coconut is a male named Nong Khwan. Mr Leurit and his younger brother bought the monkey in Koh Samui for 6,500 baht. Nong Khwan, a graduate in coconut collecting from the highly esteemed Monkey College (Withayalai Ling) in Surat Thani, could be very clever and an skilled at collecting coconuts and fruit. He only allowed Mr Leurit and his brother to return close to him, Mr Charoon defined.“Mr Leurit took the monkey coconut amassing daily. He might gather as many as 300 a day and was paid two baht per nut from the tree house owners. Before the incident, Mr Leurit took Nong Khwan to a home in tambon Krung Ching Village 2 to gather coconuts. “The monkey dutifully ascended the first tree and received all of the coconuts without any downside, however after coming again down he refused to go up the subsequent tree. Mr Leurit needed to severely beat the primate before it would go up the tree. When it did lastly climb the tree, it was clearly in a foul mood. Instead of twisting or biting off the coconuts one by one, he began to kick then off all at once – till one fell on Mr Leurit’s head,” Mr Charoon said.After the incident, no one dared go close to the monkey. Mr Leurit’s brother finally got here to take him home, he added.However, another report stated that following the incident the monkey appeared sorrowful and refused to go away the facet of his proprietor till he was taken to hospital. Mr Charoon said that despite the incident the

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