Mystery rash on Thai man: environmental allergy suspected after ineffective remedy

A Thai man suffered from an unexplained rash. The initial analysis suspected shingles, but shingles therapy proved ineffective. A second hospital later advised the cause could also be an environmental allergy. Social media users expressed concern and shared their ideas on the bizarre condition.
A Facebook page named ‘Ee Sor Ka Yhee Khao 2’ posted photos of a affected person with a severe rash without a particular trigger. The first hospital initially suspected shingles, but the treatment was ineffective, resulting in a change in hospitals. The submit garnered important attention, with many users expressing concern and sharing their opinions on the ailment.
Treasure , reporters visited Suranaree, Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District, Nakhon Ratchasima, to satisfy with 28 yr old Wacharaphorn, the girlfriend of the 29 yr previous patient, Chanachai. Wacharaphorn revealed that her boyfriend’s rash began on May four, however they had been unsure of the cause. Chalachai normally enjoys gardening, cutting timber, and cleaning their house. His signs first appeared after removing wallpaper during a renovation challenge, which made him consider he may be allergic to the wallpaper dust, reported Sanook.
After 4 days, the rash spread, and Chanachai became unwell, doubtlessly showing signs of a fever. He decided to go to a hospital the place staff in the emergency room asked if he had Covid-19 as a outcome of his high fever and similar signs. At that time, Wacharaphorn had lately recovered from Covid-19 herself, so Chanachai thought he might have contracted the virus. However, Chanachai’s take a look at results were adverse, and the physician identified him with shingles. Chanachai then took medication, however his condition didn’t improve, which led them to consider other potential causes for the rash.
Wacharaphorn further defined that after not seeing any improvement following the primary hospital go to, they sought remedy at another clinic in Korat. The clinic doctor administered an injection and supplied treatment for skin conditions, which slightly alleviated the itchiness. However, Chanachai still had a high fever, in order that they determined to try one other hospital. There, Chanachai underwent various exams, together with X-rays and blood tests. The doctors initially thought of admitting him, but since his fever subsided, and blood exams were normal, they concluded his signs could presumably be as a result of an environmental allergy..

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