Stolen ambulance radio requested again, wanted for life-saving communication

Emergency responders from the Bangkok Medical Centre have reported the theft of a significant communication radio from an ambulance, urging the thief to return the tools as it’s essential for saving lives. Yesterday, May 21, Mahesak Kanrat, a 48 year old ambulance captain from the Bangkok Medical Centre, reported the theft to Pipatpong Puempoon, a sergeant major investigating the case. Under wraps stolen tools is a Motorola communication radio, valued at US$800 and used to communicate with hospitals and police stations.
Mahesak explained that around 3am on May 21, after transporting a patient to the hospital and returning to the Erawan Centre, he parked the ambulance near Ram Inthra, near a navy golf course. Despite not locking the door, the vehicle keys had been stored securely inside the centre, only for an unknown thief to steal the radio put in in the vehicle’s centre console.
The ambulance in question is a Toyota Commuter, registration quantity three กข 9803 Bangkok, which has been parked at this location for several years without incident. Seth is urging the thief to return the gadget due to its vital role in coordinating with hospitals and police stations to save lives..

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