Thai citizens swarm truck store owner’s son’s ordination for chance to win over US$11,000

Crowds of Thai residents gathered on the ordination ceremony of a distinguished truck body store owner’s son, hoping to win a cash prize exceeding US$11,000 (372,000 baht).
Naka, brief for Warapol Pensri, is 20 years outdated and the son of a major truck body shop enterprise in Thailand. The ordination ceremony took place at their residence, adopted by a standard parade of the soon-to-be monk, accompanied by heavenly angels and a festive environment.
Somboon Pensri and Titrat Praipraprat, the mother and father of the soon-to-be monk, had spent a considerable amount of cash on the occasion, along with hiring an skilled organiser to plan the ceremony. Following Buddhist customs, a renowned team of singers carried out auspicious songs, entertaining the hundreds of Thai residents who had travelled from across the nation.
The ordination ceremony’s procession was led by a 22-wheeler truck carrying the younger novice monk, accompanied by 20 heavenly angels, and followed by an 18-wheeler truck adorned with numerous symbols of excellent fortune. The parade then headed towards Amornayana temple in the Damnoen Saduak district to finalise the ordination ceremony.
Many Thai residents from different provinces joined the event, hoping for a chance to catch a piece of the greater than US$11,000 in banknotes that had been being showered in the course of the event. Some even hoped to get a glimpse of the gold necklaces that had been introduced as further prizes. The festive environment was solely amplified when the host, the father of the ordination candidate, used a crane to bathe 40,000 banknotes of different denominations on the excited attendees beneath.
Amid the cheerful crowd of Thai citizens that had gathered beneath the falling banknotes, quite a few individuals excitedly seized the 1,000 baht payments marked with the SSB stamp, indicating that that they had gained one of many gold necklaces. One of these lucky winners was the 37 year outdated garden proprietor Jutathip, who managed to get maintain of the impressive prize.
After the cash bathe ended and as soon as the ordination ceremony concluded, the newly-ordained priest was escorted to the family residence where extra celebrations took place. To mark Unsung , the beneficiant family also distributed sacks of rice weighing 5 kilograms every to impoverished individuals in the neighborhood..

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