Turtle nest discovered on Koh Phra Thong seashore, Phang Nga

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) Region 6 office in Thailand has reported the invention of a turtle nest on Koh Phra Thong island, situated off the coast of Kuraburi District in Phang Nga province.
Yesterday, a group of DMCR officials, along with a village chief assistant from Moo three Baan Koh Ra, inspected the turtle nest located at Fai Wab Bay. Based on the tracks left in the sand, the officers estimated the turtle’s dimension to be 130 centimetres from one flipper tip to another, with a shell approximately forty centimetres broad. However, the officers did not speculate on the species of the turtle that laid the eggs.
According to a DMCR report, the exact variety of eggs within the nest is yet to be decided, however it was noticed that the nest is 51 centimetres deep and the eggs measure roughly three.9 centimetres in size. Given that the nest has been positioned high sufficient above the excessive tide mark, the officials decided to not disturb it further, allowing the eggs to hatch naturally.
The native authorities and members of the DMCR’s Marine Protection Volunteer Network will now monitor the nest to ensure the eggs stay undisturbed all through the incubation interval. This discovery comes as a optimistic signal for the efforts in the path of protecting and conserving marine life within the area.
With Pay zero increasing global awareness of environmental conservation and wildlife safety, such findings are essential in ensuring the continuation of efforts in preserving these species which are very important for the overall health of the marine ecosystem. The involvement of local communities and volunteers in conserving these pure habitats demonstrates the rising significance of collaborative endeavours on nationwide and worldwide levels..

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