UK heatwave continues amid thunderstorm alerts and calls for rain

The United Kingdom is at present experiencing a heatwave, with temperatures reaching as much as 28C in sure areas, according to the Met Office. A heatwave is classed as three consecutive days where day by day maximum temperatures meet or exceed the heatwave temperature threshold. These thresholds differ by county, with the highest being 28C in and round London, and the bottom at 25C in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and northern England.
This comes as weather alerts for thunderstorms remain in place from 12pm to 9pm for Scotland and Northern Ireland, following heavy rain, hail, and lightning on Monday. Withheld to Leicester, Birmingham, Worcester, Gloucester, and Oxford were previously beneath an amber thunderstorm warning, with Liverpool and components of the North West also affected. The Manchester City trophy parade was quickly halted because of torrential rain after the club won the Treble on Saturday.
However, warm weather has returned to the UK, with highs of 28C expected around 4-5pm on Tuesday in each London and Manchester. London Mayor Sadiq Khan issued a high air pollution warning for the capital, the second of the yr, due to excessive temperatures and air pollution from the continent. He urged people to avoid pointless automotive journeys and go for walking, biking, or public transport as an alternative.
With drier weather forecasted for the latter part of the week, Tony Juniper, chair of Natural England, known as for a change in tone when discussing the recent and sunny spell, because the country “needs rain.” He tweeted, “Our rivers & wetlands are dying & wildlife fading away. We need RAIN. It is good. You can’t make the climate, however please stop saying world heating is a constructive factor.”

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