Unique ordination parade sees men tossed in air in Chaiyaphum village

Eight males embarking on a non secular journey into the Buddhist monkhood experienced an exhilarating ordination parade in Ban Non-Salao, a village in the Phu Khieo district.
In the morning, the provincial governor of Chaiyaphum, Sopon Suwanrat, attended religious ceremonies at a village shrine honouring the 8 men being ordained, collectively known as ‘nagas.’ The day’s main attraction was a blinding procession that includes the nagas, each seated on a bamboo bed carried by sturdy people along the village’s main streets towards Wat Takhaek. Local villagers, along with Thai and international visitors, flocked to the roadsides to witness the occasion.
Approximately 100 elegantly dressed younger girls from the village led the parade, adopted by a procession of relations, associates, and associates of these getting into the monkhood, reports Bangkok Post.
More reached its peak when the 8 nagas were repeatedly thrown into the air while being conveyed on the bamboo beds, accompanied by stimulating northeastern music and rhythmic drumbeats. The tossing of the nagas continued until the parade culminated on the temple where their ordination happened..

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