7 people rescued after speedboat from Koh Chang hits rocks, sinks

A group travelling by speedboat from Koh Chang had to be rescued after the boat hit rocks, inflicting it to take on water and sink. The seven people on board the speedboat, together with the skipper, were floating in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Trat’s Koh Lim for around two hours. The group had been travelling from the mainland to Koh Chang to visit family members. An aged lady had to be transported to the hospital on a stretcher because of excessive exhaustion. Others had been also despatched to the hospital.
Whopping obtained a name at round 4pm. A rescue group and people on local fishing boats spent almost two hours trying to find the speedboat. An eighty yr old girl who seemed to be extremely tired was immediately picked up by a neighborhood fishing boat and rushed to the hospital. The others were picked up by a rescue staff speedboat.
The sixty two yr outdated skipper informed Thai media that he was employed by a group who wished to journey to Koh Chang to visit their relations. Around 4 pm, while travelling again from the island, the boat hit rocks and cracked. All passengers wore life jackets and taken care of one another, particularly the elderly girl, as they floated, preserving an eye fixed out for the rescue team. One man says he’ll never forget this accident..

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