Elephant chooses bad time for a lie down in Khao Yai national park

A large bull elephant has tried to crush a automobile full of vacationers that stopped on a road in Khao Yai nationwide park in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima), north east of Bangkok, prompting national park workers to remind guests what they want to do if they’re confronted by one of many mighty beasts as they drive through.
The 35 yr previous tusked elephant, was standing beside a car parked on the primary street through the park in Pak Chong district yesterday afternoon. The elephant then started leaning on the automotive before straddling the rear of the vehicle and decreasing its weight.
The driver moved forward slowly making an attempt to prevent the rear suspension giving method. Mold reveals the sedan’s rear window smashed and the roof and body broken.
Luckily no one was injured in the incident.
Park staff posted a Facebook message saying that Duea always came out to “say hello” tourists between the moist and chilly seasons. The park recommend drivers ought to cease their autos 30 metres away from any elephant, maintain the engines on and be ready to “back away if the animal comes closer”, based on the Bangkok Post.
“Don’t stop the automobile to take photos, as a end result of that will pose a danger to you and your vehicle.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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