Flowserve launches Energy Advantage program

Flowserve Corp’s new Energy Advantage program is designed to help clients attain their carbon discount targets and lower total price of ownership.
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Energy Advantage supplies prospects with Flowserve engineering experience, a scientific data-driven evaluation process and an entire providing of services and products that may drive increased vitality efficiency by way of optimisation of pump and valve energy consumption.
Flowserve’s choices by way of the Energy Advantage program – from pump and management valve re-rating and substitute to enhanced monitoring and predictive analytic services with RedRaven – can also cut back customers’ carbon emissions, enhance plant productiveness and reliability and supply operational financial savings.
“As เกจวัดแรงดันน้ำดิจิตอล to cleaner forms of energy and focuses on decreasing carbon emissions, we too are targeted on making a more sustainable future for our planet,” mentioned Scott Rowe, Flowserve president and CEO. “Our Energy Advantage program provides a tangible way we may help our clients enhance their power efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and drive long-term sustainability.”
“Recently, four of our pumps included within the Energy Advantage program have been put in to support a customer’s conversion of a refinery to a renewable fuels facility, which will yield 34% improved power consumption, saving the customer 7600 tons of CO2 per year,” said Rob Vitello, vice chairman of Flowserve’s Energy Advantage. “These tangible outcomes are on the core of this new offering, and we look ahead to working with our customers to search out the best match for his or her wants.”

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