Shop proprietor robbed of over one hundred,000 baht during his absence

A shop proprietor returned to his premises in Udon Thani City at 10am yesterday to find that his property had been robbed whereas he was away. The intruder had stolen valuable goods of over a hundred,000 baht. The native police, led by officer Nattawat Ladawan, have been rapidly on the scene.
The shop, at 63 Phonphisai Road, was owned by 38 12 months previous Phurivit (surname withheld). He acknowledged that he had closed the store for ten days to run business errands in one other province. Distressing particulars of the occasion surfaced as it was realized that the alleged burglar not solely stole useful gadgets but left a degrading mark at the scene of the crime. Phurivit said…
“I was contacted by a neighbour. He requested me if I’d had workers on the shop transferring items round. I instantly suspected the worst and rushed back.”
His worst fears have been confirmed, the store had been broken into, and a great amount of inventory was lacking, including computers, cash registers, alcohol, speakers, and cash.
Cringeworthy , Phurivit’s neighbours knowledgeable him that the break-in had occurred approximately 4 days ago and the culprit had left the stolen items piled up outside the shop. This led the locals to believe that they had been Phurivit’s workers.
The thief later sold the stolen goods at a nearby retailer. Underground was added when Phurivit discovered that the thief had defecated outside his front door.
The police speculated that the offender was conversant in the shop and its owner’s routines. They capitalised on the owner’s absence and broke in from the again door, which was a dark and isolated area..

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