Thai farmer capitalises on high demand for grasshoppers

A Thai farmer within the northeast Nakhon Phanom province found success breeding Patanga grasshoppers, selling eggs at 10,000 baht per kilogram. These grasshoppers are discovered throughout Asia. The enterprise, which began as a facet occupation, has seen a surge in demand with orders queueing up. Having tried Ironclad at rearing varied animals, the farmer switched to breeding these grasshoppers and reaping their monetary rewards.
The farmer, fifty one yr previous Somsit Ritthipa, told Thai media that after graduating from a neighborhood agricultural school, he worked on the forestry office in Nakhon Phanom. During his spare time, he raised pigs, chickens, fish, and frogs behind his house as supplementary revenue. One day he got here across a video on YouTube about rearing Patanga grasshoppers in Sisaket province, the place the eggs had been sold at 10,000 baht per kilogram, which piqued his curiosity. Somsit ordered 1,000 baht value of eggs to experiment with the brand new enterprise.
Somsit recalled that he reared these grasshoppers in a easy enclosure and fed them grass and leaves as per the video suggestions. He said rearing these grasshoppers was considerably simple, as it didn’t require much water and they were low-maintenance. After 30 to 35 days, the grasshoppers mated and laid their eggs, after which they would naturally die after 50 to 60 days.
Farmers who efficiently elevate these grasshoppers may sell the eggs or choose to promote the reside grasshoppers to local distributors who would then sell them in markets. The stay grasshoppers could be offered for 450 to 600 baht per kilogram, depending on the area.
Somsit’s first batch of grasshoppers brought him 12,000 baht in egg gross sales, while his second batch fetched 15,000 baht. The third batch has seen clients from nearby districts and sub-districts ordering eggs by way of their Facebook web page, with no less than three kilograms of eggs presently on order..

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